Countdown at the Mind Sports Olympiad

Played at the JW3, London.

Sunday 27th August 2023

Congrats to the medal winners:

Gold Ronan Higginson
Silver Rob Foster
Bronze Thomas Carey
Junior Gold Ronan Higginson

Round Scores


Showing order after round 5 based on wins scored followed by sum of opponents scores.
Top two pairs of players selected for final/3rd-4th game by wins/points scored.

1Rob Foster8+(127)2+(101)7+(127)3+(120)5+(122)5597
2Ronan Higginson5+(117)1-(83)6+(126)4+(108)3+(121)4555
3Thomas Carey9+(119)8+(112)4+(108)1-(103)2-(103)3545
4Jonathan De Souza7+(105)6+(111)3-(80)2-(100)8+(100)3496
5Fiona Titcombe2-(72)10+(78)9+(104)6+(100)1-(97)3351
6Matthew S Rutherford10+(100)4-(70)2-(65)5-(93)9+(103)2431
7Phil Stanton4-(89)9+(85)1-(66)8-(59)10+(93)2392
8Adam Dexter1-(62)3-(83)10+(102)7+(118)4-(96)2361
9Tony Atkins3-(87)7-(82)5-(94)10+(98)6-(64)1425
10Sandie Simonis6-(79)5-(68)8-(75)9-(82)7-(79)0383

1st-2nd Game

Rob Foster 84 - 94 Ronan Higginson

3rd-4th Game

Thomas Carey 96 - 79 Jonathan De Souza

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