Geisha - Japanese Festival

KisekiGo was teaching at the Japanese Festival held at Swinton Park Hotel, near Masham in North Yorkshire from 23rd to 25th May 2006.

The original plan was to have the stands outside but after half an hour of being blown away this was abandoned and the Go was set up in the billiard room with dolls, origami and calligraphy for companions. The three days were quite busy with several new Go fans and some very keen school groups learning Go and the other arts.

In addition there were various displays of arts and crafts, food, dancing, martial arts and the geisha and meiko that were flown in specially from Japan were busy with tea ceremony and the like.


Festival website: Festival of Japan
Origami: David Mitchell
Calligraphy (shodo): Jay Art Studio (jgadhia at
Event organisers: Vintage Kimono
Venue: Swinton Park

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