The BGA Secretary's Report

This is the report of the BGA Secretary.
The work that he does is quite extraordinary.
The calls he make and the letters that he write
Will often take him all of the night.

Five Council meetings happened through the year.
They were very serious, no go playing or beer.
The precentage of attendees was sixty seven and a half,
But the president missed two. He was ill - do not laugh.

An EGM at Leicester to the vote the money in;
Six minutes - not a record - to rush would be a sin.
To run the European - Canterbury in Ninety Two
A committee met from time to time to plan the whole thing through.

Russians, Meijins, Journal News, Yankies and some Japs.
I think that covers everything, so that is all, chaps!

Presented at AGM Salford in 1990.
Tony Atkins

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