Woodley Go Club

Woodley Go Club has not met for over a year now.

Woodley Go Club used to meet some Saturday evenings from 6pm to 7pm at
Christ Church, Crockhamwell Road, Woodley, RG5 3LA
(entrance in Arundel Road) and also some other evenings elsewhere in Woodley.

The club is especially designed for beginners of any age (but children under 11 should be accompanied by an adult or responsible older sibling).

We had a fun Christmas party on 17th December 2005, with lots of Go party games!
Six of our young members took part in the local UK Go Challenge heat in summer 2006.
11 young members attended the meeting on 16th September 2006 and 10, including an adult beginner, on 30th September.
The Christmas party on 16th December 2006 was another fun evening.
Three Woodley and three Reading School members too part in the BYGC in Loughborough in March and did rather well with Reading getting the best percentage score. Club meetings continued through 2007 with a Christmas Party on 15th December 2007 being the last meeting.

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